dinsdag 29 september, 2020

Battle Braid

Superior cut-through protection battle braid

BATTLE BRAID (BBN) is a heavy duty cut resistant sleeve designed to protect wire and cable assemblies from heavy impacts and punctures. The durable polyester construction absorbs and dissipates energy to offer superior crush and abrasion protection.

The Orange Battle Braid is the perfect choice for EV Manufacturers that require power cable indentification for emergency crews in the case of a crash situation. This flexible lightweight sleeve shields brake lines from damage due to flying rocks or debris on industrial and military vehicles and offers excellent abrasion resistance for fuel and hydraulic hoses in extreme environments.


• Impact resistant
• Dynamic cut through resistance > 330 lbs. ASTM D 3032-22
• Self extinguishing SAEJ369
• Prevents UV, gas, & chemical damage
• Automotive fluid and chemical resistance

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Battle Braid 1/2" (12,7mm)

Battle Braid 1/2" (12,7mm)

• Nominal size 12,7mm • Expansion range min. 12,7mm • Expansion range max. 14,3mm • Impact resistant • Dynamic cut through...

... kijk hier voor meer informatie

Battle Braid 5/8" (15,9mm)

Battle Braid 5/8" (15,9mm)

• Nominal size 15,9mm • Expansion range min. 15,9mm • Expansion range max. 17,5mm • Impact resistant • Dynamic cut through...

... kijk hier voor meer informatie

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