Sunday 11 April, 2021


I've seen a product. Only this is sold out.
In this case, you can contact us and indicate which product you want, and quantity. We will contact you as soon as possible about possible delivery times. At the moment some products are not sold per meter. Only on a shop or bulk spool.

I would like a price quote.
You can, when placing an order choose to receive a price quote. We will contact you as soon as possible with a price quote.

What are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs of an order are determined based on the total weight, consignee (country) and selected shipping method. All orders are shipped with TNT.

What payment options does techflex offer?

  • Bank transfer
  • iDeal (+€0,75)
  • Cash (store pickup)
  • Paypal (echeck, visa, mastercard) (+4%)
  • Cash on delivery (within the Netherlands)

What shipping options does techflex offer?

  • Store pickup (in Enschede)
  • Standard package (uninsured & without tracking)
  • Insured package
  • Cash on delivery (within the Netherlands)

When will my order be shipped?
Depending on the selected payment method and current stock, your order can be processed the same day.
In the event the status of your order changes, you will receive an e-mail with the new status (payment received, order sent etc).

Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum order with us. Most of the product can be ordered per meter.

Can techflex make a custom order?
When placing an order, you can write a comment. If you for example want 10m of a specific product, but want it in 2 parts of 5m, then we cut it for you.

Is it possible to receive a sample?
Please send us an e-mail if you want to receive a sample of a specific product. We have samples available of a large part of our catalog. Write your (business) address in the request. We will send you the appropriate sample as soon as possible.

How about  VAT?
All prices in the shop are shown excl. VAT (21%) and shipping.

How can I make use of the forum?
It is not possible to create an account through the forum. This is done in the webshop. While registering an account you can choose your nick name.