zaterdag 28 maart, 2020

Thermashield Connector Shield 1 1/4" (31,8mm)

The ultimate heat protection

The Techflex Connector Shield is specially designed to protect your connectors from all types of heat. Engine and exhaust temperatures on today’s motors can quickly exceed the design limits of plastic connector bodies.

Our state of the art shield slides easily over plugs or receptacles and can cut surface heat to a fraction of the unprotected temp. The semi-rigid design allows the shield to maintain its shape maximizing its ability to insulate your connections.

The multi-layer composite system in our heat shield combats the effects of radiant heat with the aluminum skin and convective heat with thick insulation layers. If you have connections in the line of fire, Techflex connector shields are for you. When applied, the aluminum laminate reflects heat away and the insulating fiberglass backing protects the fragile contents from thermal damage and failure.

• Diameter 31,8mm
• Economical and easy to install
• Reflects radiant heat
• Insulates delicate wires and components
• Resists gasoline and engine chemicals

Catalogus (PDF) | Specificaties (PDF)

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