Saturday 17 April, 2021

General Purpose

For general bundling and protection in office, commercial and industrial applications. These products offer economical and varied solutions.

Flexo Pet
A versatile bundling & protection solution
• Economical & easy to install
• Cut and abrasion resistant
• Expands up to 150%
• Halogen free
• Resists gasoline, engine chemicals and ceaning solvents
• FMVSS 302 approval

Flexo Pet ReMix
New, random construction
• Exciting new color assortments
• Expands up to 150%
• Cut & abrasion  resistant
• Easy to install
• FWMVV 302 approved

Flexo Pet Overexpanded
Extra expansion for easy application
• Expands up to 200%
• Cut & abrasion resistant
• Halogen free
• FMVSS 302 approval

Flexo Pet Tight Weave
Tight weave for extra coverage
• Complete coverage
• Improved abrasion resistance

Flexo Clean CutF6
Scissor cut for easy, fray resistant installation in shop or field
• Resists fraying when cut with scissors
• Increased braid density for fuller coverage
• High abrasion resistance
• Temp. range -75°C to 125°C
• Smelt temp. 230°C

Flexo F6
Flexible, semi-rigid wrappable split braided tube
• Easy, cost and labor effective installation
• More flexible than split convoluted or spiral wrap
• 25% edge overlap
• Cut and abrasion resistant
• Halogen free
• Retains shape and rigidity throughout -75°C to 125°C temperature range
• Smelt temp. 230°C

Flexo Wrap
Flexible control & management with easy on, easy off access
• Heavy duty hook and loop closure for frequent access
• Expands to fit over inline connectors & splices
• Halogen free
• Temp. range -75°C to 125°C
• Smelt temp. 230°C

Grip Wrap
Adjustable diameter sleeve with  easy on, easy off access
• Wrappable design for easy installation & removal
• Excellent protection against cut-through, abrasion & impact
• Closure maintains low profile for flat cables & harnesses
• Temperature range -94°F to 257°F
• Melt temp. 482°F

F6 Woven Wrap
Woven, split tubular, harness wrap

• High coverage
• Easy, cost effective installation
• More flexible than split convoluted or spiral wrap
• Cut & abrasion resistant

360° of complete coverage of flexible, semi-rigid braided conduit

• Soft & quiet in high vibration uses
• Cut and abrasion resistant
• Halogen free
• Chemically inert
• Retains shape & rigidity throughout -94°F to 257°F temp. range
• Easy, cost & labor effective installation