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FireFlex Silicone Tape - Triangular

FireFlex self-fusing silicone tape is a unique adhesive free product that quickly fuses to itself to create a moisture and corrosion resistant continuous seal for Class A & B electrical insulation, pipe and hose repair, or anywhere a quick and residue free wrap is needed.

FireFlex Silicone Tape creates an airtight/watertight seal around even irregularly shaped applications, and the high insulation values make it useful in repairing cracked or damaged insulation in Class A and B applications. 
FireFlex Silicone Tape

Resistant to engine fluids, solvents, high-heat, and molten metal splashes, Fireflex Silicone Tape can withstand the harshest of environments. A wide operating temperature of -85°F (-65°C) to 500°F (260°C)  makes it excellent for automotive, industrial, and marine applications, as well as a perfect end termination for our FireFlex Silicone Sleeving.
FireFlex Silicone Tape

Ideal to keep in a toolbox for emergency repairs on wires or hoses, as a residue free solution to coil extension cords, ropes, and cables and for a waterproof, heat and chemical resistant wrap for wiring harnesses and splices.
• Width 25,4mm
• Length 11m
• A-A-59163
• Mil-I-46852
• Self-fusing
• Air & moisture tight seal
• Prevents corrosion
• No adhesive, bonds only to itself
• Resists weathering
• Conforms to irregular shapes
• Elastic memory seal
Cures in 24 hours at room temperature
Breedte Part # Wanddikte Type Klasse Rollengte
 25 mm  SRA1.00BK36  0,5 mm  Rechthoek  A  11 m
 25 mm  SRA1.00RD36  0,5 mm  Rechthoek  A  11 m
 25 mm  SRB1.00BK36  1,0 mm  Rechthoek  B  11 m
 25 mm  STA1.00BK36  0,5 mm  Driehoek  A  11 m
 25 mm  STA1.00RD36  0,5 mm  Driehoek  A  11 m
 25 mm  STB1.00BK36  1,0 mm  Driehoek  B  11 m

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