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Who doesn’t enjoy a nice sunny day. We love the sun. It’s great – except for those UV rays! Ultraviolet rays given off by the sun are a destructive force to be reckoned with. It’s menacing effects can be seen everywhere from roofs to roads – even the wrinkles of your grandparents were caused by UV.


These ultraviolet rays also tear pipe insulation to shreds making repeat service calls to your units a nagging reality. Cracked insulation means an AC unit that has to work harder to keep a building cool. A harder working unit means more energy being consumed.


This has become so much of a problem, in fact, that California, Arizona, and Florida have made it mandatory to protect the foam by covering it with paint or by some other means.


Paint is also affected by UV, making it useful for about 2 years. Now, you have to drop what you’re doing, make a service call and repaint it. Techflex has some solutions. Introducing F6 and Dura HVAC Wrap! Not only are these a faster way to protect your foam pipe insulation, you only have to do it once. They resist harmful UV, they’re abrasion resistant, and attractive to boot. Both will stand up to that bully in the sky and won’t wrinkle like grandpa’s mug, saving you from having to take time out of your important installs.


Traditional Foam

F6 Braided Sleeving

Dura HVAC Wrap

(Whistle) Beautiful

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