Tipps & Techniken

We all know that time is money. Whether as a hobbyist or in a full-blown production environment, saving a few minutes will impact your bottom line every time. As easy as sleeving is to use and install, there are a few techniques that will help make it even easier and will ensure that your sleeving project will turn out just the way you imagined it would… quickly, simply and economically.

Step by Step Instructionals

Ein Heißschneidegeräte verwenden
Mit Schrumpfschlauch arbeiten
Mit Klebeband Arbeiten
Verwenden des F6 tool
Header Wrap Installieren
Powergrip SB-Klemmen verwenden
Verwenden eines ClampTite-Tool










Downloadable PDFs

How To Cut Sleeving Using A Hot Knife

How To Use the Techflex Display Rack

How To Install Header Wrap

How To Work with Heatshrink Tubing

How To Terminate Sleeving with Tape

How To Measure Flexo PET Sleeving

How To Install Flexo Mounting System

How To Use F6 Installation Tool

How To Use the Diameter Ruler

How To Get the Best Heatshrink Print Results

How To Use The Flexo Sleeving Rapid Tool

How To Use PowerGrip SB Clamps

How To Get The Best Lacing Results

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