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What is Tape and Why should I use it?
Tape is a narrow, flexible string to fasten, tie, bind, cover or support your application. When heatshrink tubing just isn’t right for your product, tape, may be the answer. Economical and easy to install in the field, this termination solution produces a neat appearance on any cable management application.
Sure, you could just wrap some tape around the ends of your sleeving and call it a day. It won’t look great, but it will work just fine. However, with just a few more minutes work, you can achieve a clean, invisible termination solution with a unique visual effect. This is ideal when the other end of the installation will be hidden under a plug or inside a cabinet.


Working with Tape

Measuring your Sleeving

Measure the sleeving and mark the measurement with a pen or marker. Add an additional 1 1/2 – 2 inches and cut the extended length of sleeving.

Fitting the Sleeving

Slip the additional lenght of sleeving over the end of your application so that the mark is at the spot on the installation where you want the sleeving to end.
On this low pressure air hose, it is just below the connector.

Taping the Ends

Starting at the line, take a few tight turns of tape down the application so that it covers the sleeving and extends about 1 1/2″ on the application.
Make sure the tape is smooth and tight. Cut the end and press down for a smooth finish.

Turning it Back

Push the sleeving down over itself and the tape and keep pushing until the other end of the sleeving falls into place at the far end of the application.
If there are any sharp edges or loose wires on the ends, temporarily wrap them with tape to avoid snags.

Finishing the Installation

This system creates a clean termination with a slight flare at the end.
This installation process only works at one end of your application. To finish the other end, you will have to use another termination procedure.

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